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terms & conditions

as of May 2023

product quality control

A, B, C grading

Like the academic grading scale, A, B, and C grading categorize the quality of each individual product I receive from the manufacturer. 

If there are no graded options for the product, that means they are all A grade! B and C grades have little marks, C more than B, but that does not mean the quality of the product is not good. They are usually teeny (and i mean teeny) faults from the manufacturer, but I would not sell it to you if it meant giving you a terrible product. They are great opportunities to catch if you are on a budget because you can practically get the same product at a cheaper price! It is up to me to distinguish and grade each product based on their quality, but it is up to the customer to choose their preferred grade. I cannot promise any refunds/returns if the customer is unhappy with their selection of the grade, but please feel free to voice any concerns using the contact form.

A= No mistakes or imperfections

B= Very few, minor mistakes or imperfections (including a small scratch, minor misprint, or other marks that can go unnoticed by the eye.)

C= Minor mistakes or imperfections (including small scratches, misprints, and/or  other marks that are noticeable by the eye.)


I ship through Shippo and

use the USPS function to give you an accurate estimate for your order!


U.S. and International

Postage is out of my control and I want to do my best to compensate for the loss! Please send me an email through my contact form to let me know of your situation and I will discuss details with you. I may be able to replace the lost package if the order is small; on the other hand, I may not be able to replace it due to this being a small business still :(

Use the contact form in regards to any problems with your order or inquiries about tracking your order.

return policy

refunds or replacements

Any damaged products accompanied by a picture may be compensated with a replacement or a refund within 30 days of receiving your package. I am still a small, growing business, meaning I cannot replace all products and, as the seller, reserve the right to decide the terms, if any, of compensation based on each order.

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