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Welcome to matchamango! This is a small, independently-owned business that creates products surrounding Asian culture loves such as K-Pop and anime. My name is Mica (Mee-kuh) and I hope to see your support! I will periodically release products and designs that will help you express your appreciation for Studio Ghibli, BTS, your favorite anime, and more!

I hope to spread the love for Asian pop culture through this brand and share some of my own artwork in the future!

stick around to see the growth of matchamango <3

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To encourage self-confidence and promote an environment supporting self-love where all races, cultures, sexualities, genders, and religions feel appreciated. 

Every person faces moments of insecurity at some point in their life where they may feel embarrassed to freely express who they are. Matchamango hopes to erase stigmas against Asian pop culture through subtle merch designs to encourage self-confidence in sharing music and media interests.


the meaning behind

Matcha brings me relaxation and serenity. (Cheesy? Yes.) It makes me happy about all the small things in life which is what I hope this business will be:

a small joy in your life.

Mangoes are what Filipinos call the "golden heart." As a Filipina myself, mangoes bring me nostalgia and comfort with the familiar taste I grew up with at home. You will find most of my product pictures taken in front of the mango tree in my backyard too!

More importantly, I hope that you approach this shop with an

open-mind towards Asian culture. I believe every culture should be celebrated and embraced, and I hope that this shop helps you 

why shop at 

I pack every order myself (with love, of course.)

Every product ordered will be wrapped safely and handled with care. I will bring unique ideas to you that will express your love for your fandom in the form of subtle art <3

Your entire process of ordering with will be an exciting one! From seeing the product design

for the first time, to seeing it at your doorstep,

I want the experience

to bring a smile on your face!


meet the creator 

mica cortez

I am an 20 year-old college student who has aspirations in the intersection between the visual creative arts and business! Through, I want to incorporate my business mindset and creative passions to help fans express their interests! 

I grew up with difficulty truly expressing my interests for K-Pop and anime, but I found that little accessories can help break me out of that shell. They're like little hidden gems that reveal a secret.

I know there are many out there that can relate to being shy about certain hobbies or interests, but I hope the products I create will be little pathways to aid you in expressing yourself!

I always had a passion for the arts. It stretches across videography, photography, graphic design, singing, dancing, and playing piano!

I always search for a creative outlet. My main practice of my creativity is my YouTube channel. I love creating videos documenting bits and pieces of my life to share with others. I believe there is more to life than our own eyes can see, so I use my YouTube channel to share what my eyes see!

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