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"A heart's a heavy burden" ~ Howl's Moving Castle


The Calcifer Necklace now available in gold and silver! A necklace inspired by the Studio Ghibli Movie "Howl's Moving Castle." This is a stainless steel, 18k gold plated necklace featuring a double chain, a paper clip chain, a ring connector, and a heart charm.

The beloved calcifer necklace introduces the special editions to the Summer “Emotion” Collection of MM.Co! Sophie’s clear crystal heart and Howl’s ruby red are perfect to match with your bestie, significant other, or someone special in your life. These new heart gem necklaces are 14k gold plated and are the perfect renaissance-inspired necklaces for your jewelry collection. 


43cm long

Stainless steel

18k gold plated chain

18k gold plated charm (Standard)

14k gold plated charm (Howl & Sophie's Edition)


Contact me using the contact form for any questions! 🌟

The Calcifer Necklace

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